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IT Services

The Trusted Team for IT Services in Little Rock, AR

Technology helps businesses in all industries stay connected and productive — but it also creates countless headaches. Fortunately, you can count on Univo Data, Inc. for IT services in Little Rock, AR, and beyond that allow you to avoid downtime, data loss, and other interruptions to your business. We help companies big and small with network monitoring, security, and much more. Contact us today to explore what’s possible for your business’ technology 

Network Monitoring

Stay Secure

In today’s world, data security is more important than ever. Cybercrime and malware become more common year after year, so you must take steps to protect not only your company’s systems but your clients’ information as well. Let us help; we safeguard your most valuable, irreplaceable information with the most effective ransomware patches, spam filters, and general security services. Our team will put a stop to potential viruses and keep prying eyes away from your data.

Save Time & Money

Every business is different, and that’s why we designed the Our Way network monitoring program to adapt to your specific needs. It’s ideal for keeping your systems up and running, improving security, and maximizing speed. You’ll save time and money by preventing costly network interruptions, repair expenses, and recovery efforts. Our network monitoring and IT services allow us to proactively detect errors before they happen and stop them from escalating. You’ll also have access to our hardware asset tracking to locate lost equipment.

Contact us to book your free, on-site 27-point problem-prevent audit that gives you a detailed breakdown of vulnerabilities. With these results, we recommend the level of service that is appropriate for you.

Maintain Operations

Achieve the optimal level of operational reliability readiness by choosing our operations planning services. Our skillful and experienced team members have the training and resources to keep your IT status in the green always. Furthermore, we’ll help you prepare for worst-case scenarios.

You can’t control many circumstances, such as natural catastrophes, fires, or floods that affect your business, but you can plan how your company will respond. Let us help you keep your data safe by creating a custom disaster recovery plan for your IT services.

Manage Documents

Documents, data, and files are the lifeblood of your company and the services you provide to your clients. Thanks to the tremendous amount of information that’s generated every day, it’s easy to get overwhelmed and lose track of important data. By using our document management services, you can keep tabs on everything you need easily and access it the moment you need it.